A Partner in Your Ad(venture)

Backpack Partners is focused on growing e-commerce brands.


We're intentional.

We work to understand and achieve our partners’ long-term goals. We view challenges from our partners’ vantages.


We're hands-on.

Backpack Partners leads all aspects of our partners’ e-commerce efforts. We are doers. Hard-working. We get our hands dirty.


We're flexible.

We’ve grown a range of businesses. Our experience allows us to look at each situation on its own and tailor a strategy for success.


We're motivated.

We align our incentives with our partners. We only make money when our partners do.

Discovery to Delivery

Backpack Partners offers end-to-end e-commerce services. Grow your brand online with a single point of contact.

E-Commerce Strategy

Map out a path to meaningfully grow your business online.

Digital Marketing

Target and hook your customers through multiple channels.

Website Optimization

Improve your site, with a focus on customer conversion.

Creative Execution

Take your brand to new heights with digital images and videos.

Customer Support

Build customer loyalty through personalized one-on-one service.

Expeditious Fulfillment

Warehouse, pick, pack, and ship your product cost-effectively.

Ready to Start?

Think your brand could be a fit? We're always interested in partnering with brands that share our philosophies.

How it Works

From developing a growth strategy to diving into the details of shipping savings, our team works to make your brand a better business.

We take the time to understand our partners’ goals.

The first step of any journey is deciding on the destination.

We make an objective assessment of a brand’s recent performance.  Our research and analysis focuses on the brand’s growth potential.  We develop a credible growth strategy.

We‘re disciplined in our partnerships, working only where we believe we can add significant value.

We lead e-commerce businesses.

We map out a near- and long-term strategy to help our partners reach their goals. From producing a detailed annual budget to aligning resources and prioritizing for the best results, we steer with experience.

Backpack Partners works with brands on a handshake basis. We believe partnerships are based on mutual respect and trust. We are more focused on clear communication than formal contracts.

We do the hands-on hard work.

All the little steps that add up to big results start here. Our team has wide-ranging experience growing businesses across multiple industries.

We’ll put the plan into action, all while finding ways to increase revenue and spend more efficiently.

We distill information into key insights.

Search engine rankings. Conversion rates. Customer support contacts. Average order value. Click-through rates. We do the math and compare the numbers to benchmarks to assess our efforts.

We focus on results; we report to our partners with weekly and monthly analytical reports to measure progress.

We’re flexible to re-focus our efforts.

We let the numbers guide our next steps. We put more resources into projects that are working and retool where we’re not satisfied with the results.

We know that every business is different, and we’re constantly refining and developing new approaches.

We deliver results.

Backpack Partners is paid a percentage of our partners’ e-commerce revenue. This simple fee covers any service we provide, including hard-dollar marketing, website optimization, customer support and / or fulfillment.

This structure aligns us with our partners, as we both benefit through the growth of their e-commerce business. We’re in this together.

Ready to Embark?

Enough about us. Let’s talk about you.

We are always interested in partnering with brands that share our philosophies and could benefit from our experience. We are purposeful when deciding if a partnership makes sense for both us and a brand.

Beyond working with clients, Backpack Partners selectively makes investments in brands. This may be in the form of growth capital, or to provide owners with liquidity.

If you want to grow your business, you might be a good fit.